Appraisal MC is the lenders leading solution for the Appraisal Management process. 

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Appraisal MC

5100 Westheimer Rd, Suite 200

Houston, TX 77056


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Our Story

The real estate industry is built upon relationships; and what better relationship to build a company’s foundation on then that of family. A brother-sister duo, Alex and Mariella Massa saw the housing market’s need to improve the appraisal process. They began their careers in the appraisal industry while in college and saw great opportunity to do things different and better. The siblings partnered to build their first appraisal company, Initech Appraisals, in 2005 which eventually led to the growth of Appraisal MC. They now operate one of the largest independently owned nationwide appraisal companies in the industry. Their unique synergy and respect for each other and the appraisal industry as certified appraisers are just a few of the numerous things that make Mariella and Alex Massa successful in today’s appraisal world. Alex and Mariella complement each other in that they have strengths on different sides of the spectrum. Mariella is an industry thought leader and guides the company as a big picture visionary while Alex increases operational efficiencies and serves as a subject matter expert in appraisal compliance. They combine their strengths to develop and implement processes that serve Appraisal MC’s clients and purpose well.

More about Mariella

Mariella Massa attended Harvard Business School and is a graduate of University of Houston’s entrepreneurship program. As CEO of the company, Mariella strives to live out Appraisal MC’s mission as well as keeping focus on the company’s core values in growing her relationship with clients, team members and vendor partners. Both Mariella and Alex have a passion for helping their team members be successful in the work force as well as their personal lives. Mariella is involved in bringing out the best of the company and its people through educational matters and adding value to Appraisal MC’s team. This includes participating in mentorship programs, speaking engagements at educational seminars, webinars and traveling throughout the United States to speak on expert panels.


Mariella’s favorite part about being in the industry is that, “It doesn’t feel like work. It’s fun and feels great to be a part of the American dream of homeownership.”


In her free time, Mariella enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling and serving as a board member on the Nancy Owens Breast Cancer Foundation to help find a cure for breast cancer.

More about Alex

Alex Massa has been in the appraisal industry since 1999 and serves as Chief Compliance Officer for Appraisal MC. Alex received his entrepreneurship degree from the University of Houston and continued taking appraisal classes at Columbia Institute. As CCO of Appraisal MC, his duties involve resolving compliance matters through educational training as well as implementing better processes to improve efficiencies. He strives for great communication with vendor partners and clients to allow for a stress-free appraisal process. He spends his time educating and training Appraisal MC’s staff to allow them to progress in their careers and believes the most important part of Appraisal MC is the incredible processes put into play that allow the team to be efficient and productive.


In his free time, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He also enjoys playing golf, surfing and being outdoors when he can.

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