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Appraisal Management Services

At Appraisal MC we want to make sure we're providing you with the best appraisal management experience possible for your residential and commercial orders. Below are just a few of the services offered as part of our AM Advantage.


Appraisal MC assigns to a preferred Appraiser based on geographic area, availability, and competency

Email updates are sent to Lenders when assigned

Your messages are promptly responded to

Orders must be accepted by the Appraiser within 24 hours

The Appraisal MC Team contacts the Appraiser if an order is not accepted within 24 hours and may reassign

Email updates are sent to Lenders when accepted

Appraiser attempts to schedule inspection date/time within 24 hours of acceptance

The Appraisal MC Team contacts the Appraiser 72 and 48 hours before due date if inspection time has not been updated

An email update is sent to Lenders to confirm an appointment or notify them of delays

An email update is sent to the Lender when inspection is complete

If delays are noted by the Appraiser MC, the Lender will be informed immediately

Once completed and Appraisal is uploaded, Appraisal MC delivers the final report, invoice, and Compliance Certification to the Lender

Email update sent to Lender

 Lender can setup invoice or pay by credit card at time of order.


With the AM Advantage Plus, you get everything offered as part of our AM Advantage AND we'll take care of the quality control process for you.


Appraiser uploads report

Appraisal MC completes an internal QC check for report consistency in accordance with GSE and client specific instructions

If revisions are required, QC team notifies Appraiser and updates Lender

Send notification to realtor or borrower with appointment date

Final appraisal emailed to Borrower 48 hours after delivered to Lender

Direct integration with EAD and UCDP allows Appraisal MC to submit XML on Lender's behalf

We offer a full range of field and desk reviews to ensure we're providing the best options for your due diligence.

Field Reviews: A field review appraisal includes a visual inspection of the property in question from the street. The neighborhood or area where the property is located is also visually inspected, as well as the comparable sales used.

Desk Reviews: The appraised property is valued by another appraiser using certain data points to determine accuracy. Data such as comparable sale dates, price, and prior sales history may be analyzed to determine this.

Automated Reviews: This is a tool that allows the QC reviewer to pass/fail requirements on reports. This automatically ensures that important requirements are not missed in review.


This lending industry is changing and Appraisal MC is on the cutting edge to maintain compliance standards. We believe in working with the right people and the right clients to ensure their utmost success. The commitment to customer service and regulatory compliance has enabled Appraisal MC to be the most reliable and fastest growing appraisal management company in the nation. Appraisal MC understands that the industry is always changing and with that comes the additional responsibility of remaining up to date and compliant. When is comes to compliance Appraisal MC has you covered!

When you work with Appraisal MC, you can be assured that our compliance team has taken all the steps to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations while still delivering work of the highest quality. From training our team, to hosting educational webinars for appraisers and lenders, we do our best to keep everyone current on the regulatory environment. We even provide you with a Compliance Certification with every completed appraisal.

Click here to find our more on how we're keeping you compliant.

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