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The lending industry is changing and Appraisal MC is on the cutting edge to maintain compliance standards. We believe in working with the right people and the right clients to ensure their utmost success. This commitment to customer service and regulatory compliance has enabled Appraisal MC to be the most reliable and fastest growing appraisal management companies in the nation. Appraisal MC understands that the industry is always changing and with that comes the additional responsibility of remaining up to date and compliant. When it comes to compliance Appraisal MC has you covered!

When you work with Appraisal MC, you can be assured that our compliance team has taken all the steps to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations while still delivering work of the highest quality. From training our team, hosting education webinars for Appraisers and Lenders we do our best to keep everyone current on the regulatory environment. We even provide you with a Compliance Certification with every completed appraisal.

Click here to find out more on how we’re keeping you compliant.

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