Our team will meet with you to understand your business’s needs, goals, and requirements and assess the best strategy for success. This can include anything from reviewing your process, training staff, and suggesting best practices to ensure compliance.

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 Any appraisal undergoing a review is processed through our Automated QC Review first

 Appraisal is then reviewed by an expert member of our QC team to ensure compliance

 Our team will then notify the appraiser and update the lender on any necessary revisions


 Directly integrated with LOS systems

 Status notifications to Lenders

 Realtor Notifications of appointment times

 Email of report to borrower capability

 UCDP and FHA Upload

 Partially Automated QC Review tool

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We know what we’re talking about! Our management team consists of appraisers and experts in the financial services industry with extensive valuation backgrounds and USPAP certifications. We know this kind of knowledge and experience gives us the foresight to provide you with the best service possible.

USPAP certified appraisers on staff

Continuing education provided to all appraisers on staff

Monthly team training and lunch & learns

Educational webinars hosted by Appraisal MC for all clients and vendors

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At Appraisal MC we want to ensure that you are getting top quality appraisals when you do business with us. We have a handpicked network of third-party appraisers that are professional and experienced, as well as a knowledgeable quality control team that ensures every report meets Appraisal MC standards.

 Third-party appraisers are contacted by invite only if there is vacancy in the coverage area.

Assignments to preferred third-party appraisers are based on geographic area, availability and competency.

Fair and customary wages are paid to the third-party appraiser and fees may be increased based on unique characteristics such as location of the property or time constraints.

Appraisal MC completes an internal QC check for report consistency in accordance with GSE and investor guidelines.